Fairbanks Family in the West
Organization and Links

History of the Fairbanks Family in the West organization - tells how this organization was created over 100 years ago, and how the John Boylston Fairbanks home in Payson was saved.

About the John Boylston Fairbanks Home - The John Boylston Fairbanks home was originally built in Payson, Utah. An identical home was built across the street by his brother, David, and is still there. The John Boylston Fairbanks home was moved to This is the Place Heritage Park in 1982 next to the Social Hall. The Social Hall has become the gathering place for our annual family reunions. Read the history of the adobe home and other fascinating articles.

Board Members - features those individuals who are presently managing the Fairbanks Family in the West organization and publishing the newsletter. They are the unsung heroes of this group. Please take the time to give them a pat on the back or a helping hand. We are always looking for volunteers to help on the board. Or if you have ideas and suggestions, we would love to hear them. Contact the webmaster to volunteer or to share your ideas.

Become a Member of the Organization - explains the organization's membership and how you can join for only $25/family per year, or $10/person or senior couple. Lists the benefits your membership provides both to the organization and your family.

Fairbanks Family in America - is a link to the national Fairbanks family organization and contains information on national Fairbanks family events. Includes an on-line gift shop, slide show of the interior of the Fairbanks house in Dedham, MA, and other bits of information.