What to Find in this Updated Website!

Welcome to the updated website for "The Fairbanks Family in the West"! There are a few new items of interest to the family. Here is a basic overview.

Most of the links require you to be logged in.

  • Register - Become a registered user and you will be able to view the newsletters as well as current data on everyone in the family tree. After you register, you must wait until a live person approves your registration before you can login (which hopefully will be done in less than a day, more if we're on vacation). All information given in the regstration form is kept confidential and only for use by the family organization.

  • Edit Your User Account - After you log in and go to any of the pages except the home page, look for the Edit Profile link on the top menu bar's left side. Click and you can update your personal information if you move or if we don't have your complete information.

  • What's New - Details new items added to the genealogy area in the past 30 days. Check here to see if anything new has been added recently. And don't forget to contribute!

  • Most Wanted - If we are stumped by a photo or need some information about a family member, this is the place where we can all help.
  • Photos - The photos at this section are linked to those in the family tree.

  • Histories - We've scanned in the pages of "The Fairbanks Family in the West" by the individual featured, not as a whole book. You can then print them out for those who don't have the book. If you already have something typed up in a computer file, or have documents you can scan, email us the file. We'll get it added!

  • Documents - Now we can make scanned documents available for everyone. Some of the documents that would be of interest would be birth, death and marriage certificates. Census records could also be put here.

  • Dates and Anniversaries - This is a fun place to select any day you like and see who had events happening that day. You can select from Births, Deaths, Marriages, etc., or just leave the Events box blank to see them all.

  • Cemeteries and
  • Headstones - If you live near or could visit a cemetery with Fairbanks family buried there, please take a photo of any family headstones, and let us know what cemetery it is from. Email them to us and we'll include them, or if you have family tree privileges, you may add them yourself.

  • Sources - Shows a list of the sources used in the Family Tree.

  • Statistics - Shows some interesting data regarding the family tree database.

  • Connections - We've got some fun, colorful pages that you can use to tell the family about life events that have happened and add a photo or two.
    Viewing these pages requires being logged in to the family website, so everything is only viewable by family members.

       Anniversaries - Celebrating an anniversary? Share with us how you met, married, and what has happened in your life. It doesn't matter how many years you've been married. Share the joy with us!
       Babies - Show off your new little child or grandchild and tell us about him or her.
       Birthdays - Surprise a family member with a birthday greeting. Add a photo and some fun things about them to show your love.
       Eagle Scouts - Let us see a photo of you Eagle Scout and tell us about his project. Anyone who has earned this award, no matter how long ago, is welcome to have their information shown.
       Military Wall of Honor - Add your family veterans or those currently serving. Tell us about their experiences, and you may add a photo.
       Obituaries - Share with us a photo or two of your beloved family member, and tell us about their life.
       Weddings - Tell us how the bride and groom met, got engaged, any interesting bits you'd like.
       Blog - register and login (which is separate from registering for the other area of the website, but you are welcome to use your same username & password) to add news of interest that you think would be of interest to the rest of the family. You may also add a photo or two (please limit it to 2 max per post).

  • Family History Overview - We've put the story of the Fairbanks into one page, with artwork. Beginning with the first Fairbanks family to America and continuing down through the pioneers, it gives a summary of our heritage.

  • Gift Shop - View the family memorabilia that is available for purchase. These items make great gifts. Help your family to learn a bit about their heritage with these beautiful items.

  • Links - Visit links of interest to the Fairbanks family. From events involving the Fairbanks Home, to commercial websites by family members, to family history, we'd like to offer this avenue to see what others in the family have to offer. Do you have a link you'd like to add? Let us know!

  • Newsletters - Newsletters going back to 1997 are available for viewing in PDF format. Our current newsletter will also be available here. Access will be restricted only to registered users.

  • Payson Home - Included here is a virtual tour inside and outside. Also included are documents regarding the home through the years, from deeds and letters, to getting the house where it is today.

  • Wall of Honor - We'd like to honor those who have served or are now serving their country in the military. Send us a photo (preferably of them in uniform) and their details and experiences.

  • Genealogy - Click here to go to a family group sheet where you can fill in the blanks to send us new family data. Or, you can send us a GEDOM with your family branch's information. We only need your information from your family up to either David, John Boylston, Harriet, or Henry Fairbanks, the pioneer ancestors.